When the first hints of winter begin to set in, it is tempting to buckle down for the season in black leggings and large puffy coats. As the temperature drops, it is easy for me to care less and less about my style: why wear something uncomfortable when I can wear my black leggings to class and out afterwards? With a bit of effort, you can still wear enjoy the snuggly feel of leggings while looking edgy and cool. Fun and unique leggings can easily be added to your outfit with a bit of styling.

This Fashionista knows how to dress for the Ithaca chill! While embracing a black and white aesthetic, she styled the look around her graphic leggings, letting them be the star. Fun leggings and pants are an easy trend to embrace as they can effortlessly be mixed with simple accessories to create a unique look. With the ever-changing Ithaca weather, it can seem impossible to maintain your personal style. How can I dress like myself when I am absolutely freezing? The answer: embrace warm, stylish bottoms.

With a white statement jacket, gold rings and black booties, this Fashionista let her graphic bottoms be the focus of the look while keeping her outfit fashion forward. Still comfortable for walking around campus, she is able to love her leggings without sacrificing style or class.

To my leggings addicted Fashionistas out there: embrace graphic leggings so you can stay cozy while still expressing your personal style. This outfit is perfect for walking around chilly Ithaca!

How To: To incorporate adventurous leggings into your repertoire of black ones, try styling them around a monochrome look like this Fashionista did. She styled her black and white leggings around an all white look, creating a simple and chic outfit, placing her fashion forward leggings on full display.