What do you get when you mix a summertime dress with leather? A new and improved LBD. The little black dress has been one of women’s best friends for years and rightfully so; you can literally find one for anything. Now, with summer coming to an end and fall quickly approaching, it is time to think about swapping, improving and reinventing your wardrobe. Slowly implementing new colors and textures, like leather, into your summer outfits is a great start.

Summer is all about wearing sundresses with bright colors and fun patterns, but this Fashionista took a risk and tried out black leather instead. The leather turns a simple, summer dress into a much more edgy, grungy look. Leather exudes confidence because it can be a tough trend to style, but this Fashionista does it right. She completes her look with a black choker, stacks of midi rings and black booties. The look as a whole is a bold choice for the summer months, but what’s life without a little risk, right?

Leather may not seem like the most ideal fabric to try out in the warm summer months, so perhaps don’t take to it on an 80 degree day. Do try it out on a cool day or a night out, however.

How To: If you want to extend leather into your summer look to prepare for the fall, do so by wearing a simple, leather cami dress. This way it will be cool enough to wear in the heat and simple enough that it won’t look like a leather overload. If a dress is just too much for you, though, simply try out a leather top or skirt paired with basic pieces.