You may be wondering, what in the world is a pinafore? No, it’s not a drink belonging to the pinot family, although that’s what it may sound like. A pinafore is another fancy word for a collarless, sleeveless dress, tied or buttoned in the back and may often be worn in a romper or jumper style.

This Fashionista’s look is an adopted and personalized version to the very similar current overalls trend. It is casual, yet fun and flirty grunge. With only wearing black and white, the red lip shade can really stand out and give the outfit a “sprinkle on top” touch. Rain or shine, day or night, you can’t seem to go wrong with a black leather pinafore dress like this or black leather overalls, which I’ve been pleaded to stop wearing so much.

The outfit would have been different if the material choice was denim, for example. The denim would have potentially made it a day outfit and would not have been so minimal or monochrome. The all-black leather with just a hint of white leaves the outfit somewhat elegant and mature while drawing focus on the top portion of her look. Leather may be a little neglected in the summer because its a warm material. However, this item is perfect for a cool night or cloudy day when the sun isn’t beaming off the black. This Fashionista’s little touch of color-blocking is done just right. In substitution for the white versus black, a gray or soft neutral base color top would do the trick as well.

How To: This look would be perfect to try for a dinner date, tacos and tequila at sunset with old friends or, hey, I’d even wear it in bed with Netflix. Try wearing a striped top or a knitted tank top under. Break out those leather pinafores, overalls or jumpers!