ALL IN THE DETAILS: Leather Weather

Winter weather tends to leave the average Fashionista/o with limited options as to how to look trendy without having to sacrifice protection from the frigid air. When snow begins to fall, the average college student typically breaks out the warmest items in their wardrobe, but for the not so average Fashionista, how can one be both warm and fashion forward?

This Fashionista spiced up her look by using her power to accessorize. While incorporating one of the biggest and edgiest runway trends of the season, leather, she created a look that could give her the practicality and warmth of a strong winter coat, along with the style of her leather boots and leather satchel.

Knee-high leather boots have been on the rise since the fall 2012 runways first premiered the look. Fashionista/os everywhere have since taken the look into their own hands and turned it into an everyday essential that can go with anything from thermal leggings to jeans. This Fashionista paired her boots with a pair of black leggings that gave her legs the illusion of extreme length.

Leather purses have always been on trend. As a classic piece that adds a little sophistication to any look, this modern bag lends a room for self-expression as it works to make this Fashionista stand out from all the others in harsh weather conditions. With the general rule of keeping everyday handbags to a neutral color such as brown, black or tan, simplicity says wonders about this Fashionista’s personal style. She recognizes the latest must-have items, and is never seen without the perfect accessories to accent her inner trend chaser. With a removable strap to take her look from day to evening, petite handbags are all the rage for the New Year. Versatility is always in.

How To: Want to make sure you stand out even during syllabus week? Add classic accessories to the fashion forward snow suit of your choice. Leather boots and handbags usually can be found online and in stores for reasonable prices. Black leather isn’t the only color option. This winter is time for experimenting!