ALL IN THE DETAILS: Leather Put Together

Have you ever picked up an outfit and felt that there is something missing? Well, it is usually the touch that defines the style of the outfit. Accessories are definitely an important element of your outfit. Your accessories choice reveals so much about your style and adds the essential touches to the outfit you are wearing. Today’s Fashionista combined her casual outfit with a faux crocodile leather bag and boots, giving it the necessary touch of elegance needed for a university afternoon hangout.

Leather is a sophisticated material, whether in a bag, pants or shoes, they usually leave their mark on the outfit. When leather is there, it puts the outfit together and makes it more coherent and well structured. Our Fashionista is dressed in a chic casual outfit that consists of black tights, a deep red blouse and a white wool cardigan. Her choice of accessories from the bag, to the shoes and the rings definitely gave her outfit the boost it needed.

The Fashionista matches her blouse with a medium-sized deep red crocodile leather handbag. The two together create an eye-catching color block. Deep red is the color you would want to go for in winter; it gives a sense of warmth and heat. The deep red color block is broken by the white cardigan which creates a contrast that boosts the color of the leather bag and the blouse.

Unlike the stereotype that says that your bag and shoes should be the same color, our Fashionista chooses leather boots that are mahogany in color. Although not exactly similar in color, we can see that both have reddish shades and create a gradual color flow, from the top of the outfit till the bottom as the boots are darker in color. Leather here is the centerpiece of the outfit, the base upon which the outfit rests. The Fashionista wears a golden watch and simple golden rings. On one of the rings, we can find a small deep red stone. Together with the deep red nail polish, the outfit is completely connected together from head to toe.

How To: Leather is the smartest choice in cold weather! Try to use it as the start point of your fashion choice and structure the outfit around it. Whether through similar or different colors, try to create a connection between the leather and the clothes, so the whole look will be in harmony.