ALL IN THE DETAILS: Leather Arms and Blanket Scarves

This season has seemed like the era of the oh-so-wonderful blanket scarf, and us Fashionistas cannot get enough. Being able to make a major fashion statement while also staying cozy on those cold campus crusades to class, I mean, who wouldn’t? They can be such a chic addition to your dressed-up or down looks and serve as the most pivotal part of your ensemble.

This Fashionista debuted her trendy blanket scarf, patterned with an edgy geometric print, with an unmistakably-chic leather military jacket and light-wash denim. The tan colors in her blanket scarf pair so well with the green and leather that encompass her jacket that it was hard not to notice her outfit from across campus! While leather in any outfit has proved to be a no-brainer to giving any outfit a slight edgy vibe, this Fashionistas jacket and bag add subtle touches that makes the outfit suitable to wear to lectures or grabbing coffee with friends.

Blanket scarves have the ability to transform your outfit from casual to chic with little-to-no effort. I like to throw my plaid one on as a finishing touch to a rather subdued outfit to give it some flair. I also like to pair mine with my leather jacket seeing how well the plaid pattern works against the details in the jacket. Likewise with this Fashionista, the geometric print in her scarf is well suited with the leather details in her jacket and bag that give it an overall complete look.

How To: Looking for creative ways to wear a blanket scarf? While actually using it as a blanket during class seems ideal, there are so many innovative ways to wear it besides the traditional wrap-around. Grab your favorite blanket scarf, tie the ends of it and with the knot resting at the nape of your neck, have the front part drape over you like a bandana. So chic and effortless!