ALL IN THE DETAILS: Leaning Tower of Bracelets

What is all of this white stuff I see? Snow. LOTS of snow, and lots of snow means it is time to layer up. With all of the white surrounding me, this Fashionista caught my attention quite quickly with her color statements. The red beanie, army green jacket and gray socks layer together so perfectly that it is evident that this Fashionista knows how to stay warm in style. I bet you didn’t know, however, that layering in the frigid winter is not limited to solely clothing. This Fashionista exposed me to the world of layering accessories!

Accessories come in all shapes and sizes, varying from necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches and headbands. The list goes on and on, a fact which my closet can justify. My favorite accessory is a kate spade bangle, so it makes sense that this Fashionista’s tower of bracelets grabbed my attention right off the bat. The array of colors that the delicate beads provide can brighten up any outfit and quite frankly are becoming a necessity as gloomy spring semester takes over. The turquoise and red stones pop from the silver metal that surrounds them while the gold band in the center adds a geometric asset to the ensemble.

I spy with my big brown eyes another accessory that tops off the entire grunge look that this Fashionista effortlessly masters. The simple nose ring adds authenticity and genuine grunge. I am impressed by anyone who can pull this style off and the fact that this Fashionista masters every detail of the look down to the cigarette and chipped black fingernail polish that’s holding the bud—I must say, she’s a natural.

How To: Does this Fashionista inspire you to dress grungy tomorrow? You too can throw together this look! Toss on a few bracelets that don’t necessarily match but add color to your ensemble. Why stop with layering bracelets? Short and long necklaces combined add style to an outfit through the accessories alone. Apply a dark lip color and some crackle nail polish to finish off that grunge look I know you’re so excited about. To help you get started: Revlon’s Shameless Colorburst matte lipbalm is my go-to shade.