ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layers on Layers

Whether it’s clothes, jewelry or even hair, layering is everywhere this season. There’s no better way to enhance your style by mixing and matching pieces that are complementary to each other to create a unique look. This Fashionista has completed her street style look with a beautiful set of trendy, layered jewelry.

A basic black T-shirt serves as a canvas for experimenting with attention-getting jewelry, and this Fashionista takes full advantage of it. By layering three separate gold necklaces, she creates a cool, eye-catching trio. She’s rocking two vertical bar necklaces, which are the perfect simple assets to pair with her black, spike statement necklace. She then paired a variation of mid-digit and regular rings together, to add another detailed feature to her outfit. Her last set of layering was her two simple gold bar bangles. They pull the look together, creating a sense of unity amongst the accessories.

Aside from her awesome use of layering, this Fashionista has mastered her laid-back, yet fashion forward style. Her basic black T-shirt pairs great with her funky, patterned pants. Her suede backpack gives her function and style, perfect for her on-the-go look. She completes her street style with black Ray-Ban aviators and a basic brown sandal.

How To: This entire look can be found at Edie Boutique in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. However this outfit can be recreated from a store near you! When layering necklaces, make sure you pick one as your focal point. Once you’ve chosen your main feature piece, layer it with one or two necklaces that are simple and complementary.