ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layers On Layers On Layers

Going into this fall semester, there are a few things rolling around every Fashionista’s mind as she prepares her wardrobe for the new school year. The primary thought is to create a wardrobe that revolves around comfort; fall semester brings with it more compacted schedules with a full school load for most students as well as extracurriculars and work on the side. With that comes the knowledge that your outfits must remain comfy yet functional. While wearing an oversized T-shirt and running shorts may be preferable for class time, oftentimes this doesn’t translate well for an after school internship or job. This means stocking up on the basics, and lots and lots of various accessories to dress these basics up.

This Fashionista has a perfect look for this coming fall. She stuck to neutral colors overall by wearing some pleated jogger pants and a nice, solid colored halter tank top. To add some height she chose a pair of flatform sandals—a perfect choice as they are comfortable enough to wear all day without having to deal with the painful slope of heels or platforms. On its own, this outfit would easily be acceptable for class. It has a very modern element in its hues and cuts. However, if you had something that required you to be more formal soon afterward and you didn’t have time to change into an entire new set of clothes, dressing it up is effortless and it’s all in the details. Instead of leaving her outfit without any jewelry or just a dainty set of earrings or necklace, this Fashionista chose to layer two statement necklaces on top of her halter tank. In addition, to bring out the brassy tones in the necklaces and pop of coral in the shorter one, she chose to mix up her arm piece with silver and sea foam green shades. By adding this layered jewelry, she not only made her overall outfit look more exciting, but she also gave off just the right amount of flare it needs to take this look into a more professional setting.

How To: Overall, keep it comfy and keep it simple. Stick to solid neutral colors in your outfits this fall. Browns, tans, grays and beiges always work well together, and don’t forget to play with different lengths and try out different styles of clothes. Don’t stop there! Add layers of your favorite jewelry. Don’t worry yourself with feeling like you have to directly match everything.