ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layers, Bracelets and A Ukulele

When putting together an outfit, sometimes the most important pieces are the details and accessories. They can either make or break your look. Too many prints worn at once can lead to a major clash. Excessive amounts of jewelry can make one look gaudy. Navy and black are rarely a good mix.

However, this super cool Fashionisto was able to perfectly piece his outfit together to create a very well balanced and detailed look. Layers are essential with the cold, winter temperatures, and flannels are a definite winter go-to. The orange Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack may be bright, but it is a nice pop of color to the neutral colors he is wearing. After all, a backpack is necessary to bring when you’re out adventuring and bring along your ukulele, which adds another nice touch to the outfit. Who ever said an instrument can’t be an accessory?

Bracelet stacking has been trendy for a little while, and this Fashionisto is able to pull it off perfectly with this outfit. I’m all about shoes, and these bad boys complete the look. Lastly, check out that killer man bun.

How To: Mixing colors is totally okay, within guidelines, of course. The maroon shirt with the white and gray striped flannel is a nice contrast. The Brixton Tiller Hat in gray ties in with the gray stripes in the flannel, therefore making colors contrast and flow together nicely.