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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layers Are a Fashionista's Best Friend

March 28th, 2017 at 2:06am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layers Are a Fashionista's Best Friend

Cold weather is still wreaking havoc on us, even though it is almost April. This leads us to think more about staying warm rather than styling a trendy look. My question, much like the little girl from the Old El Paso taco commercial, is why not both?

This Fashionista has combined style and warmth to create one amazing look! Her secret? Layering a simple, white T-shirt with a knitted sweater! The basic T-shirt is an essential element in everyone’s wardrobe, and in the cold weather, it can be a great foundation to build on. She paired this with yet another layer: the ever trendy parka. The parka jacket is such a versatile piece of outerwear. There is no denying the importance of this heavy duty jacket when the temperatures are low.

The cold weather is no excuse for skipping the bold patterns. This Fashionista definitely stands out with her army print pants. It subtly mixes the camouflage and the knit, but it works! The colors compliment each other very well.

This Fashionista is also not one to shy away from accessories. The layered necklaces are one of my favorite pieces in this outfit. They make the neckline of the shirt and sweater so exciting. Who said you can’t keep accessories in mind during the winter? Accessories take any outfit from zero to 100 real quick, and the cold shouldn’t stop you from wearing them.

Another piece I loved in this look are the shoes. Matching shoes to the sweater really tie in the entire look, and the subtle hint of the wool socks is trendy… and a great way to show off your sock game!

The two lessons to take away from this Fashionista are (1) layers can be both stylish and warm and (2) cold weather should not stop you from accessorizing.