ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layering For Men

When the temperature descends beyond a comfortable level, it becomes time to face that winter is in full affect. Layering has been a popular trend for some time now, especially in the cold weather. Photos of models featuring the newest sweaters, cardigans and jackets saturate fashion blogs and magazines. However, you don’t see as many men sporting the layering trend as you do women.

This Fashionisto has perfected the layering trend, and sets the standard for all college-aged men on how to appropriately layer for the cold. Let’s break down the layers. He bases the entire outfit on a plain white T-shirt and slim-fit khakis. These make for an excellent base because any color combination will match both the T-shirt and the pants. The next layer, a rustic colored plaid flannel, pops on top of the white T-shirt. The possibilities are endless when it comes to flannels; any pattern/color would match this ensemble. Here’s a great blue and green flannel that would be great for layering. Not into flannels? This patterned button-down is another wonderful option. A button-down would make the entire look a little less casual, which would be perfect for class presentations. The final layer, a hooded denim jacket, completes the look and adds for extra warmth. This could easily be transformed into a grunge look by swapping the denim jacket for this hooded faux leather moto jacket. This Fashionisto completes the look with Timberland boots to combat the snow.

How To: Choose what your base layer will consist of, whether it be jeans and a graphic T-shirt or anything you want to start with. Then decide which shirt would match the base layer best, and top it off with a jacket and a pair of shoes to stay warm!