ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layered in Lace

February 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

Certain fashion pieces tend to portray different vibes. Lace comes across as delicate and feminine. In contrast, piercings and dark lipstick tend transcend an edgy feel. This Fashionista was able to combine two different trends. Instead of giving off mixed signals, she is making a statement.

This Fashionista is covered from head to toe in lace. She paired a fitted black lace top with patterned black lace tights. The lace even frames her black boots which carries the delicate touch throughout the entire outfit. To break up the lace, she rocked a colored suede skirt.

Her edgy accessories turn this outfit from a sweet look into an eye-catching statement. The bold earrings nicely contrast the layers of lace. In addition, her collection of rings are a big knockout. The black choker is structured and provides an extra oomph of edge. 

This Fashionista took her outfit to the next level, by paying attention to her makeup. She consistently keeps the theme of delicate edge throughout her face. Her dark matte lips match her skirt and really help tie the outfit together. Also, if you pay close attention to the details, this Fashionista’s eyeliner is unique and flirty and adds an extra element to her whole vibe.

How To: Play around with contrasting fashion pieces! Lace and edgy accessories are not typically paired together, but when they are, they are loud and eye-catching. Next time you are shopping, pick up some articles of clothing and some accessories that are not typically paired together. Try to stick to a color scheme to make sure your outfit looks put together. Showcase every aspect of your personality through your clothes, by experimenting with fashion pieces that give off completely different moods when worn alone versus when worn together.