Getting dressed is in a lot of ways like writing—sometimes we feel super inspired and work at a mile a minute, but other times we get stuck and have no idea where to go. Getting out of the rut of writer’s block is similar to getting out of that feeling we all get when we just don’t know what to wear. What I like to do when I get stuck on what to wear (and what to write, if we’re still playing off of that simile) is focus on details. With tiny details, an otherwise bland and ordinary look can turn into something super chic and stylish…and that’s exactly what this Fashionista did.

This Fashionista played around with layers in the best way possible. A sweater or a button-up alone are usually safe routes to take if you need to pick out an outfit quick; but the two together make all the difference. Layering a button-up under a sweater is a classic, detailed look that makes a mild outfit look way more put-together. This Fashionista did a unique twist on this layered look by adding her button-up under a graphic sweatshirt. Because of the sweatshirt, her outfit automatically became more casual and wearable for day-to-day occasions (i.e. lunch, shopping, etc.). Layering a classic dress shirt under this OBEY sweatshirt was a smart move because the contrast of the prep against the relaxed sporty style made for a highly interesting and detailed look. Choosing layers is a smart move in this season because it’s practical along with being cute and fashionable. That extra sweatshirt gave this Fashionista that much more warmth that she wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Besides the layers, this Fashionista added details to her look with her shoes and accessories. Her Dr. Martens were a perfect touch because they added grunge in addition to the preppy and sporty styles in the remainder of her look. Plus, these awesome shoes added a pop of color. The maroon works well with the blues and grays—it adds interest and contrast. Her cute glasses and Apple watch are some more details that made this look highly unique. They finished off the look and make her outfit look clean and well put-together.

How To: Want to layer your look? Throw on a sweater over your dress shirt for your weekend plans to make your look a little more tasteful. And during those winter months, add even more layers for warmth with a cute parka and infinity scarf.