ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layer on the Charm

Accessories serve as the final touch that take an outfit from blah to brilliant. So why pick just one? With the new trend of layering different types of necklaces, you don’t have to! Combining multiple necklace lengths and textures is the best way to add dimension to a simple outfit. This trend can be incredibly versatile by switching up the type of necklaces based on your overall personal style. Try layering a few of your favorite necklaces the next time you are feeling adventurous before class!

This Fashionista stays true to her edgy and utilitarian vibe, but still incorporates something daring. She keeps the outfit consistent from head-to-toe with dark neutrals. Her oversized army-green cargo jacket layers perfectly with her black romper and black leather sneakers. The pastel pops from the bauble necklace keep the outfit from becoming too heavy for the mild fall weather. The Fashionista also uses mixed metals, which is another way to add interest to the pile of jewels. However, to pull the look off, there needs to be a cohesive factor between each piece. In this Fashionista’s outfit, each necklace she added had similar iridescent pearls in the same color scheme of gold, gray and lavender. The similarities keep the necklaces from overwhelming the outfit. The sneakers and flowy romper make the outfit comfortable enough to trek from class to class, but the accessories make the outfit feel special. This Fashionista is embracing the trends and making them her own, which makes fashion fun!

How To: Have a few favorite necklaces that you can’t choose between? Add them all to your outfit! Pick a short chunky necklace, a medium length layered necklace and a long chain to pull it all together. Have fun experimenting with the latest accessory trend!