Want an easy and effortless look that focuses on tons of accessories? Look no further than this Fashionista’s stylish outfit. Just because the summer is winding down doesn’t mean you have to put away your nautical stripes and crisp whites. From head to toe, this look is to die for and super easy to recreate with the accessories found in your own closet.

My eye instantly was drawn to these cloth navy blue and white striped shorts. They look very chic and are J.Crew inspired. The skinny caramel colored patent belt gives the Fashionista a defined waistline. The Tory Burch flip flop sandals are also caramel colored which match the belt perfectly. By adding a loose white tank top to the preppy and classy shorts this look is appropriate for any late summer occasion.

A cross-body bag like this black Tory Burch bag with a gold chain, will add an extra stylish layer to the outfit. Let’s be honest, Tory Burch is the hottest brand and is always a perfect option to style your outfits with. You could also choose to carry a bucket bag or a tote because you cannot go wrong with bags! The final detail of this look is the Ray-Ban sunglasses which look adorable hanging from the front of her top. Whether they are covering your eyes from the sun, resting on top of your head to keep your hair back or hanging from your shirt they are no doubt a cute accessory for any outfit.

How To: Accessorizing and layering details to your outfit is such a fun part of fashion. Pair your favorite shirt and shorts together, add a purse or bag to carry your things and pick a skinny belt to pull it all together!