ALL IN THE DETAILS: Laundry Day Solutions

So it’s laundry day, and you are scrambling around for something to wear. You want to look cute but you have to work with what you’ve got. You grab anything that’s clean and try to throw together the perfect laundry day outfit. This Fashionista shows us how it’s done.

Enjoying a beautiful day in the sun, this Fashionista sported a simple outfit that’s not so simple. She took a basic flannel and Converse and made it look super cute and girly. The red and blue, plaid flannel is oversized and comfortable. Following the theme of comfort, leggings are the perfect way to be comfy, and they work with almost every outfit. A pair of black high-top Converse gives this look a super casual feel. Peeking out of the Converse are a pair of cream, frilly ankle socks. These socks give this look a girly touch and some detail. The sandy colored scarf ties together the whole outfit, breaking up the colors from the flannel. Another small detail to notice are her royal blue nails which bring out the blue in her flannel. Overall, this Fashionista put together the ideal outfit for a laundry day.

How To: Does it feel like your entire closet is in your hamper? If so, pull together small items in the back of your closet and play around with different looks. You can never have too many flannels for they are the perfect piece to throw on when frantically looking for something to wear. Add a cozy beanie to the mix and you’re ready to go!