ALL IN THE DETAILS: Laced with Layers

Amongst the many parkas and pea coats taking over campuses and city streets during the chilly winter up here in the North, a Fashionista who manages to look glamorous while still appearing warm and weather-appropriate makes for an exciting moment. From head to toe, this Fashionista spotted on the urban streets of Philly embodies a fabulous and trendy secret of winter fashion: layers. From her effortless tousled waves down to her textured ankle booties, this Fashionista is the perfect example of how to layer the latest trends.

Underneath her neutral-colored parka, this Fashionista is dressed in a dark, waffle-knit loose dress, which could be perceived as pretty ordinary on its own. She spices up this basic dress with a lacy white slip worn underneath, which peeks out oh-so-slightly, giving a feminine and girly feel to the simple henley knit. This Fashionista doesn’t finish her layering there. She rocks a pair of sheer tights and on top wears some ribbed, black knee socks (my favorite accessory!). Topped off with an adorable, yet edgy pair of trendy black booties, a sleek black and brown bag and round sunnies, this Fashionista is the epitome of the stylish art of layering.

How To: In order to achieve this layered look, start off with a lacy slip and throw a simple T-shirt dress or an oversized sweater on top. Pair this ensemble with some funky patterned tights and a fun pair of knee socks to flaunt this Fashionista’s carefree chicness. Is a dress and tights a little too daring for you in the bitter cold weather? Sub in a pair of cool leather leggings for the tights and you will look fierce while feeling as warm as can be. Don’t forget the long, layered necklaces for the flawless finishing touch. Happy Layering!