January 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

Colorado presents a unique problem to resident Fashionistas/os. There is still plenty of snow on the ground, and word is that there is more to come. But with 300 full days of bright sunshine a year, it can be difficult to know how to dress for the this type of weather. You wake up in temperatures below freezing, the blazing sun heats things up to proper spring weather and then as the sun sets (or, when you walk in the shade), it drops back down to bone-chilling temperatures.

Our Fashionista has found the perfect solution in a versatile pair of leggings. The heavier material makes these leggings ideal for winter weather, while your everyday pair just doesn’t make the cut. Not only that, but the lace detailing makes these the perfect addition to any Fashionista’s wardrobe. They would look just as great layered under a knit dress as they would paired with some Chelsea boots and an oversized sweater.

Leggings have become somewhat of a fashion faux pas in recent months, but with the right unique pair, you can keep the heat and give a nod to the coming season in the style you choose. I am definitely a jeans kind of gal, but this Fashionista has inspired me to incorporate more unique pieces into my winter wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and textures for a look that is perfectly you.

How To: Keep your eyes peeled for a pattern that would work for multiple ensembles. A simple color palette helps with versatility and transitions well between season. Our Fashionista paired her delicate lace textured leggings with bright accessories, layered for a look that channels the bright cheer of spring. Create a fun and flirty look, like this Fashionista, by incorporating a unique pair of leggings!