ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lace The Print Play

There’s no doubt that the cold weather may have an effect on one’s wardrobe. It’s usually around this time of year that many become increasingly frustrated with their attire. When the winter winds sweep the streets, staying fashionable in ski worthy attire can be pretty difficult; at least that’s how I feel the majority of time throughout the winter season. As big of a challenge as it may seem to look chic in oversized coats, layers upon layers of sweaters and, of course, the Wisconsin-proof snow boots, always remember: nothing is impossible. Banish those wardrobe blues by strategically layering in detail!

This Fashionista does it right by showing off a bright winter layered look. She stays looking oh so winter-chic by adding detail in layers—a.k.a. warmth. It’s a win-win! On top of sporting a colorful, printed top, this Fashionista adds an intricate element to this ensemble by layering with a lace camisole. It’s simple and effective, as it greatly upgrades this look. Fun fact: lace detailing was also seen on a couple celebrities during the Critics’ Choice Awards! This Fashionista is clearly on top of her fashion game.

How To: Are you waiting until summer to whip out those pretty, sheer tank tops? Fret no more; they can be worn in the midst of winter! To update a layered look, underlayer a sheer, lace detailed camisole with another printed or bold top. With quite a bit detailing on top, stick to a solids on the outermost layer of this look; you should also stick to solid pants, a solid cardigan/blazer and solid boots, as this Fashionista shows us!