There are not many things that I love more than a good dress. I have one side of my closet entirely dedicated to them! You can rock one for almost any and every occasion because they are so versatile. Plus they instantly make you look fashionable during those hot summer days where you just can’t deal with pants, and the best part is that they require the least amount of effort. The only struggle that I had with them was how to transition a dress from formal to casual.

That’s why I love playing with accessories! You can take an outfit from the club to grocery store shopping-ready with just a couple of tweaks.

One of my favorite looks (displayed on this Fashionista) is to add a simple pair of Converse shoes to tone down the dressiness of the dress. The converse adds a boyish aspect to the dress that makes it appropriate to wear on a day-to-day basis, while the dress still keeps a little bit of femininity to the look. Plus they’re super comfortable, so you feel like you can conquer the world and look hot while doing it!

They come in all patterns and colors so they can go with literally any dress or outfit you can imagine. Feeling a little bohemian? Try ones that have fringe on the side and be the most psychedelic flower child you can be! You could even go for the all white ones like pictured on this Fashionista, which can be worn with any print you’ve got.

How To: Want to have serious flower child vibes while strutting in some converse? Look to style icons like Vanessa Hudgens and rock a cute little flowery frock. This dress is one of my favorites because it has sleeves that make it wearable to any event but it has all of the drama in the scoop back with the cute little bow. If you don’t feel like showing that much skin then you can easily don a lacy little bralette to give you some cover without overdoing it. If even that isn’t enough for your personal style then you can rock a seriously cute suede fringed jacket to go with the Converse I mentioned earlier. Put all of that together and you could even make Kendall Jenner jealous. The key is to rock whatever you wear with confidence and you can pull off anything!