And just like that, the school year has finally come to an end. School’s out for the summer and we can leave behind the library and our textbooks and head home for a summer of relaxation and stress free days. However, as the days get longer and we lay around doing next to nothing, we can get very bored. Don’t fall into that summertime slump or find yourself having some summertime sadness. Add some fun final touches to your outfits to help make walking out the door these summer days a bit more exciting.

A recent trend that could be a fun addition to your summer outfits and will have you feeling much more fabulous this summer is the lace-up sandal. Some are super tall, almost up to your knees, and some are short, stopping at the ankle or mid calf.

This Fashionista is strutting a perfect example of this lace-up sandal addition. Wearing a Free People off-the-shoulder top, a gold necklace and very little makeup, she simply added a pair of Jeffrey Campbell lace-up sandals to make her outfit much more complete. It’s a new, exciting way to accessorize your outfits or simply add that final touch instead of adding a bunch of necklaces or bracelets, which in my opinion, is so over-done. I mean who wants to be carrying all that extra jewelry around in the hot summer? This is easy, trendy and a satisfying detail for your summer outfits.

How To: Trying to make your summer outfits more striking? Accessorize them by wearing tall or short lace-up sandals. This look will most definitely prevent you from falling into that summertime slump and you will feel much more excited as you head out that door. And of course, you will look much more fabulous too.