One trend that never seems to go out of style is boots. Whether they be tall, short, leather or furry, there is a boot out there for everyone. On the East Coast, boots become an essential shoe during the winter months. In early fall, Fashionistas scour the shoe aisles looking for the perfect boot to accompany them until flip flop season.

This Fashionista chose a pair of tall leather lace-up boots. I couldn’t take my eyes off them when I saw her walking toward me. They are totally unique. Most boots that dare to have laces feature them on the back or the side. It was refreshing to see a boot that was totally out of the ordinary. Plus, this Fashionista rocked them so confidently. She chose to pair her boots with layered sweaters and simple skinny jeans. Other details that I noticed from her outfit were the bias cuts at the bottom of her sweater, the shirt that made for a flowy and feminine feel and her vintage earrings.

One thing that is a stellar bonus for boots like these is how crazy long they make your legs look. With the laces reaching from the toe area all the way to the mid-calf, it causes the eye to take in every inch of the leg, which makes your legs appear much longer than they are. For a tall girl, just like this Fashionista, this feature enhances her lucky legs. But for those on the shorter side who want to appear taller, a boot like this is the perfect trick!

How To: Sky high lace-up boots may not be the style for everyone. However, if you still want a boot that is a cute “leg elongator,” other options are boots with two-tones, long accent zippers and bold designs. Any of these are eye-catching and will keep all eyes focused on those lovely legs of yours!