From classic clunky Dr. Martens to the more streamlined look of Steve Madden, combat boots have become a staple in shoe closets everywhere. Combat boots are the perfect casual shoe, especially in college! They’re a cute, trendy shoe solution that’s nice enough to wear on a dinner date, while still being comfortable and protective enough to handle all of the spontaneity of campus life.

This Fashionista takes the combat boot to a new level, sporting a knee-high version of the trend that is perfect for the colder months. The buckle detailing at the top and heel of the boot break up the silhouette, preventing the longer boot from looking too monotonous, while the slightly extended tongue gives the boot more structure to keep them from looking like work-boots.

This Fashionista counters her structured boots with a swishy skater skirt and a floral-printed top to add a flirty, feminine touch. She keeps her color palette limited by using black as her primary backdrop and adding a few pops of color, making herself noticeable but still in-season. The textures of her pieces are plain jersey, keeping them from clashing with the laces of her boots. She also keeps her other accessories simple to draw attention to her statement shoes.

How To: Trying to rock the combat boot trend but don’t know where to start? Start with your own personal style! What in your closet do you want to pair the boots with? You can find a combat boot to pair with any outfit or style like these taupe fold-over ones that would be great with a sundress, or this dressed-up, high-heeled version from Guess that is seriously club-ready.