ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lace Chic And Tribal Beat

As Fashionistas, it is important to take trend risks. Though there are no specific rules in fashion besides “don’t wear white after Labor Day,” mixing a variety of patterns or adding certain colors can either make or break an outfit. This Fashionista paired all of the right pieces to make this look show off a little casual-chic along with some edge.

A lace top is a classic conservative look, perfect for any sophisticated style, but choosing to go with the see-through detail and matching it with a nude bra gives it a unique edge to switch up the look. Not comfortable showing too much skin? Throw on a white or nude camisole to make it appropriate for any occasion. Pairing this lace top with a black and white patterned pant brings in more of the edge to help pump up the look. Two completely different patterns and materials surprisingly work well together to make a fashion forward statement. There is nothing wrong with just a black and white approach to this everyday look for any Fashionista, but adding in a little bit of color to the outfit completely finishes the look without drowning out the signature patterned details. This blue statement necklace and bright pink lip gives it a simple touch to make the #OOTD stand out. Don’t forget to grab your clutch and sunnies, and you are all set for the day!

How To: Unsure about certain patterns? Patterns can be a little intimidating, so try to start off with just a simple white or black top and pair that with the fun patterned skirt, shorts or pant that you have picked out. The neutral top will be an excellent canvas for the fun bottoms. Or reverse the tip and pair a neutral bottom with a boldly patterned top.