ALL IN THE DETAILS: Knotty Tops and Big Frames

March 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

With the increase of temperatures and UV rays, it’s exciting to ditch the scarfs for sunglasses and parkas for pullovers. Layering and accessorizing are easy ways to showcase style while walking around campus. No longer hidden under puffy coats, tops can be free and visible.

Sunglasses are a great complement to any outfit or style. It’s important to find the right frame for your facial structure. This Fashionista made a statement with large, bug-eyed frames. The sunglasses were a small component of the outfit that really made a large difference in terms of originality. These large frames can be found at Forever 21. Everyone can rock a flannel, but not everyone can rock the large-frame look.

This Fashionista played with layers and created a casual, unique look. One cool detail with the top is the knotted bottom. The knot gives the T-shirt and flannel duo a new, original twist. It immediately draws attention to the eye. This statement T-shirt can be found at Brandy Melville.

A similar flannel can be found at Target, as well as some simple neck jewelry. The simple necklaces add some new texture to the overall cotton outfit. This Fashionista rocked this outfit in large part to the details. The sunglasses and knotted T-shirt added a fresh twist to the overall easy to match look.

How To: Copy this look by adding a frame flattering pair of sunglasses to your look. The simple addition can make a big difference in the outfit. Try tying the bottom of a loose T-shirt to break up the oversized pattern. Simple additions to outfits can go a long way.