March 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

When I am out with my girlfriends grabbing coffee or a drink and I see a guy that is dressed to the nines, I swoon internally. There is something about a fella in button-downs, ties and vests that just do it for me. While there is nothing wrong with dressing comfortably, it is always a nice surprise to see a guy dress extra nicely on a normal school day. When I came across this Fashionisto sporting a button-down and tie, he caught my eye straightaway.

Repeat after me: layering is my best friend. Why you may ask?  An outfit with layers looks more aesthetically interesting and appealing. It is a great way to add different patterns, colors and textures to one overall look. Also, it is nice to have some extra layers when the weather can be unpredictable. You can always add or take away layers whenever it is convenient. I find that the best way to get out of a style rut or to experiment with my wardrobe is to mix and match layers.

Layering clothing can seem a little overwhelming, but it actually is a easy task. When taking a look at your wardrobe and figuring out how to layer an outfit, take a page out of this handsome Fashionisto’s book. He starts with a pair of fitted jeans as a base. Jeans are great because you can dress them up, dress them down and they are extremely comfortable. He then added a white button-down shirt and placed a vest on top.

To enhance the dimension of his outfit, he added an amazing and comfy button-down sweater. Depending on the weather, he can keep the sweater on or take it off. To accessorize his ensemble, he chose a tie, bracelets, a sleek belt and a patterned scarf. I personally love the scarf because it was unexpected and unusual yet fit the outfit seamlessly. When looking for a scarf, go bold to add that extra bit of flair. He finished the outfit by adding a pair of green Converse. You cannot be lead astray in a sharp outfit like this whether you are in class taking notes or out on the town!

How To: Feeling this sophisticated but easy look? Start with dark jeans as a base and then add a button-down shirt. Layer as little or as much as you want with a vest and cardigan. Do not forget to add a tie that goes along with the color scheme of your button-down and cardigan to up your fashion game. If you are feeling particularly bold, a colorful and patterned scarf is an unexpected way to turn heads.