When we were children, we would use our hair ties to tie a knot on the back of our more loosely fitting shirts, blouses and tank tops to avoid being buried in our clothes. Today, however, knot tying is back as an aesthetic instead of a functional trend.

As summer is approaching, people are starting to take their crop tops and shorts out of their closets. However, crop tops are starting to get a bit boring. People want something is different that still allows them to show off a little bit of their summer bodies that they worked so hard for. That’s when knot tying returned.

This Fashionista has incorporated this technique into her outfit, making it look chic. The knot has given her shape and established that the outfit is a two piece, making it a little more interesting. It helps the Fashionista define her waistline and distinctively separate her top and bottom.

Since the fabric and design are exactly the same, the outfit would have given off a completely different look without the knot. The addition of the vertical stripes would make the Fashionista appear longer, and the one piece illusion would create a less defined, rectangular look.

Fortunately, this Fashionista has made the right decision to tie a knot. And instead of just wearing this outfit alone, she decided to incorporate a statement necklace. This gives the ensemble a bit more dimension. An outfit like this would be perfect for any event where you want to look presentable but still effortless.

How To: Imitating this look is as simple as it sounds—tie a knot. The top and bottom does not have to be the same fabric like this Fashionista’s look. It can be a tank and jeans, T-shirt and shorts, etc. The knot also does not need to be in the middle. It can lean towards the right or the left. All you have to do is play around and see what fits you.