If you ask me, Sharpay Evans was wrong about more than just thinking she could break up Troy and Gabriella. But besides that, I don’t think we can ever fully be “out with the old and in with the new.” Trends have a way of haunting us forever. It is a new year but I have a feeling that trends from 2015 aren’t leaving just yet. Yes, unfortunately that means that we will still probably see jorts in 2016. And even more unfortunately, chokers will probably continue to try their absolute hardest to make a comeback. But, it’s okay, because we can be glad to see other trends stay.

While 2015 was the year of the half up, topknot/man bun, that’s knot my favorite knot of the year (new year, same bad puns). No, the new thing was the t-shirt knot and I’m knot complaining—okay, now I’m done. Obviously crop tops have been going strong in the past couple of years but now the T-shirt knot is taking over.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong supporter of bumming it to the beach. The beach is a happy place of not needing to wear real clothes. I usually throw on an oversized t-shirt and call it a day when it comes to beach days. But if you are going to be trendy enough to go for more than a bathing suit, take note from this Fashionista.

This Fashionista is rocking a more put together beach day look that puts my XL old T-shirts to shame. She paired a plain, white T-shirt with a pair of distressed jean shorts. She opted for a baseball cap instead of sunglasses and a pair of sandals over flip flops. She didn’t go overboard in a long flowy maxi dress that would make the most coordinated princesses trip. She went back to the basics and added things like a layered necklace to make it her own.

How To: This look is as simple and comfy as it gets. To get it, just grab any T-shirt or tank top and knot it in the front. Throw on your comfiest jean shorts and a baseball cap.