ALL IN THE DETAILS: Knock Your Socks Off

While many guys on college campuses keep their looks fairly simple and consistent, they are turning to socks to show their personality. While socks might have in the past been thought of as a boring and generic holiday gift, they are now something to get excited about. Whether they are dress socks or athletic socks, retailers are selling them in a variety of unique colors and prints. Bright and pricey socks are emerging as a leading trend in men’s fashion as seen in the boardroom and in the gym.

Nike is one of the brands that helped to spearhead this trend. By featuring their Elite socks on top athletes, they were able to make wearing bright statement socks cool. This trend carried over to dress socks for young men and has taken off ever since.

This Fashionisto pairs together a checkered button-down and khaki pants to create a classic look. While this may seem like a simple outfit, he makes a statement through his sneakers and socks. He chose to match the navy and red in the shirt with his Nike sneakers. When we take a closer look, we can see his bright red and blue Nike Elite socks. Though the sneakers make this look more casual, by matching the colors the outfit still looks put together.

A unique characteristic of the sock trend is that you might not notice it at first. However, when a guy sits down and the hem of the pants rises or the colors or print happen to catch your eye, we are sure to notice this little dose of personality. We wear socks almost every day, so why not make it fun? Be sure to start looking to see what socks Fashionistos on your campus are rocking!

How To: When it comes to socks there are really no rules! Choose a pair that represents you, whether that be through the print or the color. If you are nervous to try it out, match the colors of the socks to the rest of your outfit.