ALL IN THE DETAILS: Knock Your Socks Off

When you think of socks and sandals, what pops into your mind first? Your dad wearing white crew socks and dorky sandals while on a family vacation? Or all the girls on campus sporting slouchy wool socks and Birkenstock sandals to class in the fall? This Fashionista breathes new life into the socks and sandals look, making it summer ready and full of personality.

This Fashionista’s socks are anything but boring. These Blue Q socks, decorated with abstract planets and stars, read “Shoot for the moon. If you hit Mars, bonus.” Neil deGrasse Tyson would give them two thumbs up. Not only are the colorful space images fun, but there’s also an inspirational, sassy message to boot.

Mixing up the socks and Birkenstock sandals trend, this Fashionista pairs her adorable space socks with Chaco hiking sandals. The straps on the sandals come in an array of patterns and colors, so it’s easy to find a pair that suits your personal style. While the socks and sandals naturally clash because of the different patterns, it’s part of the carefree charm of the look. And, the two pieces work well together despite the conflicting patterns because they both have blue accents.

This Fashionista adds to her casual cool look with Nike running shorts and a crewneck featuring the name of R&B singer Frank Ocean. Again, while the graphic on the crewneck would normally be too much for an outfit with so many different patterns, this Fashionista carries over the blue color scheme, making the look cohesive. And, the colors in the crewneck are softer pastels, so they don’t compete for your attention with the brightly colored socks.

Whether this Fashionista is exploring a park with friends or hanging out at a bonfire on the beach, her look proves that comfort can be cool.

How To: Next time you put together an outfit, take a cue from this Fashionista and let your socks speak for yourself. Choose a pair that reflect your personality, whether that’s a sassy quip or a cute floral motif. And, make sure to keep the spotlight on your feet. Don’t put together an outfit with too many clashing patterns or a bunch of colors that are all over the place. Pulling off an effortlessly cool look and not putting any effort into your look are two very different things.