With all of this snowfall, when will you ever have any real time to show off your fashion skills? Well I am here to save the day with a little tip that can help you out in even the harshest winter storms. Consider your new best friends to be knit scarves. Yes, you heard me right, knit scarves. You’re most likely thinking “well I already wear a scarf” and you’re possibly right. But the scarf you’re wearing are probably those really cute but also really thin ones that don’t help at all when it comes to wintertime. I have to admit that I am completely guilty of sacrificing my warmth for fashion on multiple occasions, but now I don’t have to! A knit scarf can be fashionable, warm and versatile; three things that are always important.

This Fashionista has the right idea with this nice yellow and blue knit scarf with fringed ends. She keeps the rest of her outfit warm and dark allowing the scarf to be the center of attention. Adding a little bit of a feminine touch with a yellow bow in her hair to match with her scarf was the right move in brightening things up. The way she decided to style the scarf really allows her to stay warm yet added a personal touch to her outfit. You can follow in her footsteps and style your scarf the same as her or go your own way because of its versatility.

How To: Stuck in the snow but want to stay cute? Knit your way into the winner’s circle and add a nice warm scarf to your winter outfit. You can get scarves with a fringe trim, a cool funky pattern or even a chunky infinity style.