ALL IN THE DETAILS: Knee-High Know It All

I’m just going to put this out there: knee-high socks are my best friends. If there was only one accessory that I could bring with me to the dreaded island people keep getting stranded on, it would be the knee-high sock. If there were ever a day where people could marry anything non-human, I would be running to meet the knee-high sock at the altar. And I’ll tell you the real reason why, I hate pants.

Knee-high socks keep you warm and add some oomph to your outfit, all without the torture that are waistbands, zippers and buttons. You can wear them comfortably in the house with a long T-shirt, or layer them with tights under a skirt or dress. Most importantly, they come in black and also every other color and pattern you can imagine.

This Fashionista has got the summer to fall transitional outfit down all thanks to these beauties. She threw on her colorful summer frock but is still keeping warm with black fall booties and socks. If it is a bit chillier, add a simple leather jacket or chunky cardigan so all of your limbs are fully protected from the crisp autumn wind. To stay in summer denial (real thing) and bring some color into this gloomier season, she paired this bold outfit with gold geometric earrings and a bright scarlet lip color. Who says you can’t rock bright lips in the fall?

Not only did she use her trusty knee-high socks to help regulate her normal body temperature, she also paired them with this outfit to make the dress and the booties more casual and an outfit that you could wear during the day.

How To: Have you always avoided knee-high socks because you feel like they don’t flatter your legs? Try over-the-knee socks, or even thigh-high socks to elongate your legs, instead of cutting off right at the knee!