February 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

With long socks emerging as a hot trend this winter, this Fashionista goes to the full extreme with knee-highs, perfectly finished with buttons and lace grazing the top.

Taking a break from the dark colors so often associated with winter, she wears an all-cream ensemble. While the light fabrics may be a bit chilly for the cold months of winter, a brown suede coat could easily be layered over to keep warm and accentuate the shoes. A brown or black hat pulled over her dark hair would nicely contrast the neutral color and bring the look full circle. Growing up I was always told that brown and black together are a no-no, but over the years I think the color combination has become widely accepted and can actually make for some interesting pairings. Throwing out the old rules and creating her own, this Fashionista boldly mixes the two together, offsetting the completely cream outfit on top. Amongst the layering in her clothing, she repeats this layering mechanism in her jewelry as well, another seemingly popular trend this season.

Although she chose the longer route in both her dress and her socks, this trend can be adapted for dozens of different sock lengths and dresses, skirts or even pants. Try tights and mid-calf socks with a skirt or shorter, slouchier socks with a simple pair of jeans. Keep reimagining combinations until you have one for every day of the week! In the pursuit of keeping warm, fuzzy socks (I know even the biggest of you Fashionistas/os can’t resist them) can also be snuck into a look from time to time when done tastefully.

How To: Be the first of your friends to dive into this rapidly growing trend with a long cream dress, knee-highs identical to this Fashionista’s and the right pair of shoes.