Shoes are a major decision when it comes to picking out your outfit. Whether you’re rocking heels, sneakers, flats, sandals or boots, your shoe game can make or break a look. Shoes also have the power to help you dress up or dress down your outfit. Put on a girly dress with some Converse for a chill look or jeans and a T-shirt with your favorite pair of heels for the perfect day to night outfit.

Right now the it, dressed down shoe is the slip-on. The slip-on first appeared in collections by Vans and has since been revived in a more chic way. We are seeing them in a multitude of varieties, like leather, snakeskin, tartans and detailed quilted fabric. Not only are slip-ons classic and now more stylish than ever, but they are comfortable. These shoes are perfect for walking to class with minimal foot pain. These have now evolved from their skater boy past and are made by top designers. These chic shoes can even be seen on the Internet’s most stylish people.

I found a Fashionista on campus who completely understood the power of her kicks! At first glance this outfit seems dressy. The Fashionista starts with a cool colored graphic print dress and incorporates a long shimmery gray cardigan to combat the chilly North Texas weather. The key to this outfit is in her metallic gold slip-ons. Her slip-ons bring a relaxed vibe to the outfit and allow her flexibility through the day.

How To: Want this look? Put on your favorite dress, a thick cardigan to keep you warm and a pair of chic slip-ons. You’ll be turning heads on your way to class.