ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keeping It Simple

We’re all beginning to feel the heat. Our classes are beginning to heat up and we can feel the warmth of finals coming our way; but the most prominent heat might just be from the Florida sun. This Fashionista has discovered the perfect way to style herself when the heat strikes.

This Fashionista is ready to battle the heat. The dark blue dress complements her body and the style allows for her to really enjoy the sun. Next, the light cardigan adds a fun detail to the look. The cardigan allows for versatility; whether it’s date night, presentation day or just a casual dinner out, our Fashionista is ready. The blush color contrasts the dark blue and the colors become a perfect pair. Finally, her shoes are uniquely styled and add just a touch of personality to the overall look. She completes her look with simple jewelry. The lighter blue necklace stands out along with the matching earrings. This jewelry perfectly complements the dress and adds a pop of color. Her accessories spark curiosity without being over the top.

This Fashionista is certainly prepared for anything that comes her way, especially the sun! By incorporating simple details and a perfect color scheme, our Fashionista can tackle the heat that’s coming her way.

How To: Keep it simple! Find a simple dress that fits your body and pair it with modest necklaces and earrings. The Florida sun doesn’t stand a chance with a fun, versatile look!