ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keeping it Simple

Gearing up for cold winters doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. It also doesn’t mean you should store away your tank tops quite yet. By layering your summer pieces under a jacket, you can easily create a winter-ready outfit. With the right accessories, basics like this plain white bodysuit are transformed to make a statement.

When wearing basics, it may be tempting to load up on accessories. However, keeping it simple is key to making your outfit stand out. This particular look is inspired by Ashley Glorioso, a stylist known for her signature low cut top and bralette combination. To keep it classy, it’s best to rock your plunging neckline top—or in this case, bodysuit—with a tasteful necklace. The trending necklaces of the season are lariats, which fit perfectly with a low cut top, and look great without breaking the bank. Choose a necklace in a shade that matches the hardware on your jacket and other accessories for the most pulled together look: in this case, the gold lariat coincides with the gold-toned zippers on the velvety jacket. Lastly, any strappy bralette can create dimension to an otherwise boring outfit. For maximum effect, choose a bralette in an eye-popping color.

Another pro to the low-cut-top-with-bralette style is it’s seamless transition from day to night. Swap your comfy Converse for a pair of platform boots for an effortless outfit that’s perfect for a night out. For lazy (and busy!) college students like me, this look is easy to throw on when you have plans later but don’t have time to change, or if you’d rather spend your time watching Netflix—I’m not judging!