ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keeping it Fur-real

Okay, so this whole winter thing is getting old…we know! It takes most to all of your energy to get out of bed and bear the frigid temperatures each day. Keeping your wardrobe interesting has probably been put to the bottom of your priority list, even if you haven’t realized! Let’s stop this outfit neglect epidemic and take a hint from this Fashionista, as she conquers the cold with no fear and stays effortlessly chic through it all.

Once you have said ‘”un faux fur,” you have said it all. No really, that’s pretty much all it takes to shake off the winter blues and add in a more friendly blue to your routine. This Fashionista wore a navy faux fur jacket in order to add flare to a simple ensemble underneath. With the navy faux fur jacket, she wore a basic white T-shirt and black jeans paired with a pair of studded fashion sneakers, a black Valentino rock stud bag and an elongated statement necklace with a Buddha charm. The overall look is the perfect juxtaposition between effortlessness and thoughtfulness. The Fashionista does not look overdone in her faux fur, yet does not go unnoticed either!

How To: Nervous to add some flare with a colored faux fur in your wardrobe? Have no fear; take some pointers from this Fashionista and stick to the basic for the base of your look. Sneakers are always a great way to dress down an outfit, and so is your favorite plain white T-shirt!