ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keeping it Cool

What would life be without accessories? Anyone can put on a relatively simple outfit and call it a day. However, accessories can really change one’s look into something that’s completely unique and head-turning. I spotted this Fashionista in downtown New York and was amazed at how well she accessorized to make her stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The base of her look was quite simple yet cool: dark-washed jeans, a graphic T-shirt, a classic leather jacket and some Chelsea boots. She elevated her look with tons of one-of-a-kind accessories that showed off her personal style.

Bandanas are still extremely popular this season and this Fashionista styled it in such a unique way by tying it around her thigh. This drew more attention to her jeans by giving it a pop of color, which balances well with the slight rip of jeans and the rest of her outfit.

Keeping her look on-trend, this Fashionista stacked her rings and showed off her multiple ear piercings. Her hat, which was handmade, feature two hoops, which matched her piercings perfectly. It was also slightly distressed, which also matched with her ripped jeans.

This Fashionista transformed a basic New Yorker outfit to an outfit that is uniquely her by utilizing different trends and accessories to complete her look. She also made sure to pay attention to the little details so that her look is cool and complete, but not out of place.

How To: Bandanas are a great addition to any outfit. Try tying one around your neck or your wrist for a pop of color!