ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keep It Sweet and Simple

Ever heard of the acronym K.I.S.S.? Well, if you haven’t, this post is all about keeping it sweet and simple, which is what K.I.S.S. stands for. Today, I am featuring a Fashionista who has just started her college career. I loved the outfit that this Fashionista had on. She mixed prints with a coordinating color, and a simple accessory to top it off.

The very first detail in her outfit was a camouflage T-shirt. Camouflage is a trend that is in one season and out the next. But, when it comes to what is on trend, this Fashionista plays by her own rules. “I don’t care what is in or not, whatever I have in my closet is what I’ll wear,” said the Fashionista. Another simple detail in this look were her sneakers. As seen in the photos, she wore a pair of light pink Adidas. The color of the Adidas is on-trend and are a pop of color in contrast with the camouflage. When you wear a print, using solid colors and simple accessories as an accent are important because you don’t want to have too much going on in your outfit.

The very last detail in this outfit was an accessory of a watch. Watches will forever be an essential in an outfit. Worn by the Fashionista is a simple, Fossil gold watch. Gold can go with any color, any print, and the gold watch looks gorgeous against her glowing skin.

So, it is all about the details as you can see. With one simple accessory, such as a watch and a popping color to go with a print, you are all good to go with keeping it sweet and simple.