ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keep It Simple, Stupid

February 24th, 2016 at 2:00am

When it comes to fashion, nine times out of 10 less is more; however, simplistic fashion can be difficult to pull off because it relies so heavily on special details that tend to get overlooked. In the winter, minimalist-chic Fashionistas and Fashionistos can usually be found wearing well-made sweaters and tops in neutral colors, paired with fitted denim. In order to keep these outfits from looking boring or stale, though, it’s crucial to include pieces that have cool details. These seemingly small elements can elevate any look and make it much more interesting and chic.

One trend I’m especially loving right now in the world of simple fashion details is elbow patches. Inspired by your grandpa, simple pieces of fabric sewn on to cozy sweaters will take any look from zero to 60—fast.

This Fashionista does a great job implementing this trend. Here she is rocking a gray H&M sweater with elbow patches, black Gap skinny jeans, a multi-function rose gold Fossil bracelet watch and black suede ankle boots with a stacked heel. This outfit, paired with neutral makeup and beautifully blow-dried hair, makes for a refreshing and clean look.

How To: Anyone can emulate this simple look at home by wearing their coziest elbow patch sweater. Some ways to customize this look include wearing patches with bold patterns like the plaid ones on this Burberry sweater, fun shapes like the stars on this ASOS sweater or cool textures like the leather ones on this Maison Margiela sweater. Particularly crafty Fashionistas and Fashionistos can even get their Pinterest on by sewing or adhering some DIY elbow patches to a plain sweater.