ALL IN THE DETAILS: Just Do It Like Nike

You know when you have a super cute outfit on, but you can’t find the right shoes? You’ve got on the cute dress, but you’re not in the mood for ballet flats. Sandals are too casual. Boots wouldn’t make sense. Heels are overdoing it, for sure. So what do you wear? I think people fail to realize that sneakers are more than just what you throw on with workout clothes. They can really bring an outfit together if you let them!

Check out this Fashionista. She’s pulling off a look with sneakers that you’d probably never think of. Yes, sneakers and a blazer! You may think it’s bizarre, but it’s nothing less than chic. Let’s just address what’s going on here: blazer, blouse, jeans and sneakers. This look is almost business casual but with a cool modern twist to it. The blazer is simple and black, and something we all should own. If you don’t already, you could grab one from H&M. This one specifically is beautiful with its satin lapels; it would be great for interviews. For an outfit like this, you can use any blouse you already own. I like the one this Fashionista is wearing because as you scan the outfit, you wouldn’t expect it to be paired with sneakers. This outfit would work if you have a super chill internship where dress codes aren’t strictly enforced. If that’s the case, then jeans that barely look like jeans are the way to go! That way you look business casual, but in reality, it’s mostly just casual. I’d say Express is the place to find a pair.

When it comes to sneakers, we all have our personal tastes. However, with an outfit like this there may be some boundaries for what you could wear to pull this off. This Fashionista looks super cool and confident with her blazer and sneaker combo. If you want to recreate this yourself, you’ll have to find the perfect pair of sneakers to do just that. I’m thinking something sleek, not bulky; look for something with subtle colors, no neons and super clean. I only look to one brand and that’s Nike; try this pair for starters and maybe browse around to similar ones that suit your style!

How To: All you need are four essential items! Get a blazer and pair it with a blouse. Find some jeans that are dark wash, fitted and not distressed. To finish it off, put on some sneakers of your choice.