June 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

Now that summer is upon us, it is very common to find us Fashionistas running around from our stereotypical college jobs to our internships to various social events and friendly outings. Amidst all of this running from place to place, it can be a relief to have some comfortable shoes to get around in. But just because you need a comfortable, reliable shoe to get around in doesn’t mean you want to be missing out on the opportunity to strut your stuff. Who wants to walk around wearing an old pair of tennis shoes when you could go for a much more stylish route?

This Fashionista can frequently be seen sporting the striped shirt and skinny jeans combo. But what is her secret to making this outfit great for a day full of activities? Two words: Men’s. Shoes. Not only do men’s shoes give your feet more room to move and breathe, they can also bring a more athletic, yet stylish, twist to your outfit.

Personally, I love to sport the men’s shoes look. Two of my favorite pairs of shoes are my Converse and my Puma Suede Classics. These shoes are constantly my go-to shoes during the summer months when I know I need to get around comfortably or if I will be having a more relaxed day. They are also great to have in my closet at school for easy errand-running or for those days where you sleep past your alarm and need to get to class a little bit quicker than usual!

How To: Want to get this Fashionista’s look? Pick out your favorite striped tee and pair it with your favorite skinny jeans. Throw on some diamond studs, a watch with some bangles (to add a bit of bling), and your favorite cross-body bag. Finally, slip on your favorite pair of sneakers…only found in the men’s aisle! Then head out the door and hit the ground running!