A huge trend this summer is layering bracelets and this Fashionista not only does that, but also layers some anklets as well. I absolutely love this trend because of how unique it is. It’s not likely for any two people to be wearing the same bracelets, which is so cool. This Fashionista has collected bracelets from the places she has traveled to this summer such as Florida, Mexico and Pittsburgh. It’s really interesting that each of her bracelets has meaning and a story behind it. She also told me that when she gets herself a new bracelet she also picks some up for her friends. This is now a tradition for them and the bracelets represent their friendships and the memories that they are making.

The details of this look are what attracted me to take this Fashionista’s pictures, but she is also wearing a cute graphic T-shirt which is tucked into black high-waisted shorts. This outfit, complete with a pair of Converse, is a nice casual outfit to wear on summer days.

Other accessories included her aviator sunglasses and stud earrings. As you can see, the details of this Fashionista’s look stole the show. I had fun taking pictures of all the unique accessories in front of this beautiful mural in Pittsburgh.

How To: Getting this Fashionista’s look is very simple. You can pick up bracelets almost anywhere including Target, local boutiques and online. PacSun and Forever 21 have a huge selection of bracelets in stores as well.