ALL IN THE DETAILS: Jump Into Summer

When someone says the word jumpsuit, people’s first thought is no longer the garb the ladies on Orange is the New Black sport. In recent summers, we have seen the return of the jumpsuit, and I could not be happier about it. Comfort and simplicity are two things that describe my wardrobe at any given time, and jumpsuits have become a great new addition. I often throw on a dress or romper and call it a day because sometimes it is so much easier than coordinating an entire outfit. Jumpsuits allow for the same effect. I also have such an affection for them because they can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes simply because they are now made in all different shapes and sizes.

This Fashionista perfectly dresses up her jumpsuit. While the jumpsuit itself could be worn casually, her heels, clutch and jewelry all help make her look effortlessly chic. For a more casual afternoon she could swap her clutch for a tote and the heels for some sandals. This jumpsuit is also super flattering with its cuffed pant, cinched waist and strapless top—it’s ultimately a great choice for any occasion. The pale gray in her clutch complements the pattern in her jumpsuit, and the tan hues in her heels and watch tie the two together. Her natural hair and makeup let the colors in her outfit pop.

How To: For your own jumpsuit fun, start with a solid neutral color then experiment with bold accessories. Once you’ve mastered the wear of a more simple jumpsuit, it is easier to understand how to dress one for every occasion.