I have never been great with incorporating large amounts of color into my wardrobe. Okay, to be more honest I usually wear neutrals—no matter the season. About half of my closet is black, white or gray; and while I love my monochromatic life, summer calls for something a little brighter. If there is any way to entice me to wear color, it’s using jewel tones. Jewel tones include colors like emerald, amethyst and topaz. This Fashionista showcases these gemstone shades in a look that is perfectly suited for summer.

Achieving that previously mentioned “bright something” is as easy as adding a few pops of complementary color via accessories. Look no further than this Fashionista to see how it’s done! She amps up her summery yellow and white ensemble by adding accents of turquoise. These little smatterings of color can be found in her beautiful shade of nail polish and twisted into her anklet (another great summer trend). While blue and yellow are not necessarily complementary colors, the primaries contrast through mood. Yellow is energetic while blue is tranquil, creating the perfect mix when combined. This Fashionista even takes it one sparkly step further by incorporating a metallic neutral through her glittering wrap bracelet and watch. That definitely qualifies as some summer extra credit.

How To: Make this look your own by adding a pop of color to any outfit. Just pick your favorite complementary color and accessorize! No need to feel limited to jewelry; you can add color in your shoes, sunglasses, nail polish and more. If you still feel hesitant toward color, remember that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Gather some gem inspiration, get creative and take your look to the next color level!