Who said sports and fashion don’t go together? Not this Fashionista! I love this look because she is wearing a baseball-style jersey dress and paired it with lace-up wedges. As she turns sportswear into fashion, her dress-length jersey adds style to her outfit while the wedges finish off the look.

I love the athletic aspect of this outfit because it shows that sports can be fashionable too. Even though jerseys are not made to be worn as dresses, women wearing jerseys as dresses or even crop tops are trending in the female fan world. Although this may not be applicable to men as well, sportswear in general has been and will continuously be a trend.

She may be wearing a baseball jersey-style dress, however, other sports such as basket ball also have jersey dresses. I like how fashion enables us to add a feminine touch to male-dominated sportswear. Now, females can look feminine and stylish as a sports fan. Instead of struggling with finding small male jerseys, buy a jersey dress and show off your fashion style while watching a sports game.

How To: Simply get a jersey dress whether it is a baseball jersey or another sport. Make sure it is fitted as a dress rather than a large shirt because there is a great difference between clothing fitting too large and the way they are made to fit. Then, pair it with some nice heels or wedges, but do not go overboard, as the jersey can only be so dressy.