ALL IN THE DETAILS: Jean-y in a Bottle

There has been some strange weather brewing all across America this last week, leaving many college students at a loss for what to wear. Whether you’re facing the “snowpocalypse” in the northeast or are dealing with sun one minute and rain the next in the northwest, I have an answer for you: the jean jacket. This sturdy piece of clothing has been America’s savior on more than one occasion, and it’s not about to let some troublesome weather stop it from doing its job of being comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Originally created as a tough work jacket, the jean jacket was built to withstand strange weather without getting ruined. As someone living in notoriously rainy Seattle, this Fashionisto seems to have found this look to be quite useful when getting dressed for the day. Regardless of whether it rains or shines, the jean jacket remains comfortable, even if a bit damp.

This fabulously unisex item also happens to be incredibly versatile. Simply throw it over your favorite outfit—be it shorts and a tee or something more polished like the attire of this Fashionisto—and prepare to dazzle. Feel free to wear the jean jacket with layers, as it works perfectly over long sleeves or even under a large coat.

How To: There are as many types of jean jackets as there are emotions on the human spectrum, so, regardless of your mood, you’re sure to find the perfect jean jacket to match your look on any given day. Are you looking polished and preppy? Try a light wash. Are you rocking something a little more grunge? Go with black denim. Are you simply looking for something to wear on the daily? Check out something in distressed denim.