ALL IN THE DETAILS: Jean With It, Rock With It!

Distressed denim has found its way to us yet again this year. It comes and goes quite often in the fashion community, but when it comes back, we fall in love with it all over again! Every season it seems all the magazines had the word “distressed” marked into every “what to wear” section. I don’t blame them—they perfectly complement any outfit, somehow making it possible to go from girly to edgy with such few changes of clothing.

Our Fashionista chose to incorporate her jeans with an edgier ensemble. Somehow the addition of a pair of any sort of ankle boots make the jeans look ten times cooler and edgier than the classic pair of flats. Those ’90s halter tops that have made a reappearance go perfectly with the distressed denim too! Here our Fashionista wears a basic black one with a mesh pattern, another runway trend brought by the one and only Alexander Wang. It is a really simple, yet powerful touch that makes you look and feel just that as you are making your way across campus!

How To: The recreation of this look is simple. Pick out your favorite pair of ripped jeans and the perfect cropped halter top (or crop top!) and rummage through your shoe collection to find the toughest looking ankle boot. Looking edgy is extremely simple when combining these basic elements. Add a leather jacket and the look will be complete! If you don’t have a pair of distressed jeans, there are many online video tutorials so you can make your own and join in on all the fun.