ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's The Small Things

You can’t help but fall in love with this Fashionista’s attention to detail in this stylish casual summer outfit. Especially with more days of uncomfortably hot weather to come this season, one of the easiest ways to add personal charm to your outfit without adding excess warmth is to accessorize. She’s already got the summer essentials down: a polished pair of sunglasses, a chic pair of sandals and a graphic tank top. One of my favorite aspects of this summer ensemble is that she isn’t afraid to play around with a little bit of color. Despite the unexpected combination of colors and tones, it all works together to portray this Fashionista’s unique style. From the matching gold tones on her adorable satchel and sunglasses to the fun mix of the burgundy red bralette and bright blue jeans, this Fashionista certainly chose some aesthetically pleasing details to pinpoint.

On the subject of color scheme, I can’t help but to also point out the use of neutrals as well. The fact that most of her outfit incorporates a hint of white is strangely satisfying to the eye and she plays it smart by keeping the shoes neutral so that the rest of the colors on her can stand out. With this in mind, one hint for styling colors, in general, is that if you’re worried about two pieces not going well together in color, having hints of the same color on both pieces can make them more complementary to each other. Of course this is not required, but it’s just a little advice to help you get started if you’re trying out new color schemes (like me).

Lastly, can we talk about the adorable puffball charm attached to her satchel? I am a huge fan of all things fuzzy and I am sure many of you can agree with me. Referring back to this Fashionista’s attention to detail, mixing in a quirky charm or texture element to your outfit is definitely another fun way to personalize your outfit this summer.

How To: Are you someone who would love to experiment with colors but can’t seem to steer away from neutrals/black all the time? Try adding color to your outfits little by little. One easy way to do this is to try playing around with different metals in your jewelry. Sure, silver is a classic and can go with pretty much anything, but gold and rose gold jewelry are also both stunning metals to add to your look.